Pain Tools

A series of twelve videos and tools designed and developed by The Pain Toolkit's Pete Moore to help you learn and understand self pain management.

02 Get Involved

Get involved, start building a support team

Being successful in pain self management means getting both help and support from others.

Ask your health care professional, friends, family and work colleagues about working more together - becoming a team.

Develop a pain self management plan. Find out if there are other support groups in your community you could join which could provide you with more self help management skills.

Pete Moore, The Pain Toolkit

Back in my pain days I was very much a one-man-band. Building a good solid and positive team around me was really important. Today's team is quite small and mainly consists of my practice nurse who keeps an eye on asthma with me. Others in my team are buddies I have made at the local gym. Pete Moore, The Pain Toolkit