Pain Tools

A series of twelve videos and tools designed and developed by The Pain Toolkit's Pete Moore to help you learn and understand self pain management.

04 Prioritising

Learn to prioritise and plan out your days

Prioritising and planning your days is an essential tool.

Make a list of things you would like to do but remember to be flexible. It is a great way to set yourself a starting point.


  • Monday AM - vacuum the living room and have a couple of breaks so that I pace myself.
  • Monday PM - prepare food for evening meal - sit down to do this.
  • Tuesday AM - go swimming, meet friend for a coffee/tea - practise some relaxation when I get home.
  • Tuesday PM - I write an activity plan for next day.
Pete Moore, The Pain Toolkit

I had to learn how to prioritise and plan out my days as I was very a 'I've got to get all this done now' thinker. When I learned how prioritise my activities and plan out my days, it helped me to feel less stressed and of course reduced my pain. I was able to spread out what I had to do throughout the day. Pete Moore, The Pain Toolkit